Fiber Optic

Inside Plant

When the distance from the data room to the desk or work area are over 100 meters apart The addition of an IDF ( Intermediate distribution frame) to your facility is sometimes required to accommodate the distance requirements. Fiber is the recommended medium for your data transmissions between the IDF and MDF.

At RHT Technologies we specialize in the installation of fiber optics to accommodate these needs. With over 20 years of experience in the installation of fiber you can be assured that you will have a quality installation that will meet your networking needs.

Outside Plant

Here at RHT Technologies we can take care of all your Outside Plant Cabling needs. Whether it is connecting buildings together in a campus environment or just needing to network two buildings together.

RHT Technologies is experienced in all aspects of transmission mediums for your network connectivity. We are experienced in both aerial and below ground installation practices

Fiber Splicing

RHT recently expanded our ability to serve potential customers through the acquisition of a fusion splicer. This technology allows us to become one of the few local companies that can splice any mode of fiber.

Whether it’s new construction, expansion, or an emergency – RHT has the technology and experience to handle your fiber optic needs.