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Structured Cabling

In today's world reliable communication infrastructure is as important for your business as electrical or plumbing systems. With over 20 years experience in the field we have the resources and knowledge to take on any job. From design build to finished product, RHT Technologies will partner with you to ensure a job done right.

Fiber Optic Installation

A key component of your data infrastructure is fiber optic installation. Installed properly, the fiber optic cable provides a reliable data backbone for your business. Done improperly, the Fiber becomes a disastrous single point of failure, capable of causing large scale outages. Our process combines quality products, attention to detail, and knowledgeable experience to ensure you are satisfied with any project.

Data Disaster Cleanup

With over 20 years of experience we have encountered some highly neglected data closets. An abandoned data closet is a ticking time-bomb that can turn a minor issue into a prolonged outage. Whether it is a matter of preventative maintenance, or a data disaster, call RHT to a free estimate today

Security Installations

As a locally owned business we appreciate the effort and dedication that people put into their endeavors. Let us help you protect your investment with a properly installed security system. Along with our partners we can help you avoid loss due to theft, personal injury, or insurance fraud.

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One of the major problems businesses face these days is break and entry. Usually this happens when the building is empty. An intrusion detection security system addresses this problem quite effectively. Working with our partners RHT has experience installing a cost effective intrusion detection system.

A basic system consists of motion sensors installed in strategic locations plus a siren and keypad. This equipment is connected to a control panel which is usually located in your electrical room. You can add many other devices such as door and window sensors, smoke and fire sensors and glass break detectors if necessary.

The system is armed by the last person leaving the building, and disarmed by the first person coming in. Everyone who has a key for the building needs a pass code number and password which they pick themselves. The system is programmed with entrance and exit delays on the appropriate zones to allow you to arm and exit, or enter and disarm without setting off the alarm.

Usually the system is monitored. Although we can arrange any procedure you desire.

Intrusion security systems are custom designed for each application. They can cover the entire building including doors and windows if you desire, but often they only protect entrances and key areas.

For example you could have motion sensors in your entrance areas, hallways, sanctuary and offices only. If someone broke in through a door or a room with a motion sensor, the alarm would trip right away. If they broke in through a room without a sensor it would trip when they left the room and entered a hallway. This way you can significantly reduce the cost while still providing the protection you need.

Probably the first decision you need to make is this one. Do you want the system armed when there is someone in the building, or just when it is vacant?

If you want protection while the building is occupied, here is what you might want to do:

1) Partition the system so that one zone (an area which is not occupied) can be armed while the occupied area is not. When the building is vacant, both zones can be armed.

2) Add door and window sensors on a separate zone from the motion sensors. This way you can arm the doors and windows, without arming the motion sensors. This way people can move around inside but anyone entering the building will trip the alarm.

If you only want protection when the building is vacant, you can probably use a single zone system with motion sensors only.